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Grand-daughter Brittany Koper stands up
Brittany Koper
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Brittany Koper is the daughter of Paul Crouch, Jr., (formerly Vice President and Director of Operations).  She had worked at TBN in various roles for many years.  She was promoted to Chief Financial Officer after the retirement of Ruth Brown (Paul Senior's sister) and was expected to be another "Rubber Stamp" for whatever Paul Sr. determined to do.
As a family member she obviously but naively participated in the harvest of benefits that insiders enjoy while "employed" at TBN.  Among the priviliged she did as she was told to a point.
A rift with management arose when she discovered and reported multiple and massive misappropriations of funds within upper management, primarily benefitting her uncle, Matthew Crouch, though he was not the only culprit she discovered.  Required to assist in covering these up for the "Image" of TBN, her spirit could not reconcile the deeds she was required to bless.
Her protests got her sanctioned, threatened, then fired.  Paul Crouch, Jr. resigned over the issues and TBN hit her with a lawsuit as a liar and a theif.  Threatening to see she got jail time for her own participation, they sicced the "hounds of hell" on her in the form of TBN attorneys, assaulting the integrity of her and her entire family..  
This LINK is to the follow-up investigative report published by the N.Y. Times
This LINK is to the original story in the Orange County Register.

Embedded in the original article are two links: (1) her Counter-Suit and (2) the Complaint and Amended Complaint, comprising their "Slapp-Suit" which allows a personal read of the "legaleeze" and acusations from both sides of the argument.
"Bread gained by deceit is sweet, but afterward the mouth will be full of gravel." Proverbs 20:17, NRSV
There may be a moment’s thrill of excitement and victory when, by an immoral act, success is found through our disregard of others.  But when we violate our conscience, we begin to despise ourselves.  What we gain in treasure or fleshly gratification is not worth the price of the erosion of our own self-esteem.